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Improving Business with Healthy Happy Supportive Employees

Add some uplifting energy to your business team. Utilize your staff meeting to support your staff with education on how the team can support themselves individually and to their peers in order to increase productivity and job satisfaction. 


Fun, simple new ways to connect on a different level with your co-workers.

self Care

Simple little techniques to reconnect to yourself when your energy seems to plummet.

peer Support

Help out your peers during stressful times or when you notice someone struggling in their moment.


Knowing a new knowledge together can strengthen the ability for the team to grow together with the new attained skills.


"I arrived to a staff meeting stressed and feeling the weight of a recent shift in which I had some challenging interactions with a patient and her family member. Marialena presented at this meeting, and demonstrated some techniques to ground myself, focus, and be more in the moment for each interaction I have with my patients. It's surprisingly simple, and has been immensely beneficial for me in my day-to-day practice. It simply could not have come at a better time."

David RN

"Marialena's presentation took us all to a place of calm and empowerment. Almost simultaneously, she gave us awareness and meaning to the tensions, stressors, and bias that we all carryx as well as the tools to free ourselves of them. During her guided meditation, all negative thoughts melted away, and when we opened our eyes, we were light, open, together and free. I felt grounded and grateful for the wonderful gifts and energy that Marialena shared with this team."

Dan RN

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