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YOUR Healing Journey

Self Healing Through Major Life Changes with the Energetic Support of
Healing Touch and Personal Connection

Meet Marialena Grace

Registered Nurse
Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice

Helping others move through their life changes as effortlessly as possible while helping to create the sense of well-being, accomplishment and direction in life  is the fundamental intention of service at "The Healing Journey".

Life can be filled with major life events that present themselves as overwhelming. By supporting individuals with energy alignment we can help reduce the stress and bring mindful purpose to create a more vibrant, radiant lifestyle. This journey is completely focused on that of the individual and their own unique vibration in life.

My purpose in life is to help others step through their most challenging transitions through major life events with the assistance of energy medicine. There is a great joy and honor in assisting others as they find themselves not only moving through the shift but flourishing into the life that serves their greatest purpose and truest self.


By providing treatments through The Healing Journey, the work I love to do, allows me to spread well-being to my clients in our community to help create healthier, happier lives.

Meet Marialena

Why Healing Touch?

It can help with

Why Naturopathy

Our sessions create a space for ultimate peace and relaxation to be reintroduced into your life.


Our journey of reconnecting you to yourself opens the door for physical healing.

Energy for Life

Sessions are cleansing and leave you feeling vibrant and energized for your daily activities.

Regaining Focus

Remembering who we are as the most incredible version of our self helps us see more clearly in life. This is how we learn to clear out the clutter and focus on our path to greatest fulfillment. Our everyday choices become exciting!

Learning Yourself

Transitioning into your next segment in life should feel like a blossoming and this is what we are here to do together.


It can be hard to remember what it feels like to have true happiness, even when the life transition is seemingly a happy one. Reconnecting with your deepest self can bring back the happiness of your being to your everyday life.



"Prior to experiencing Healing Touch with Marialena, I suffered from constant pain in my lower legs. Marialena took time at the beginning of every session to ask questions about my discomfort and emotional well-being. After two sessions, the pain was gone completely. At the end of my healing journey, I felt like a new person in every aspect of life (Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

— Cait B.


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